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An Air Force plane crashed in Antarctica

The 9 crew members of the Twin Otter were rescued by a Chilean helicopter from the Frei base

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21 de agosto, 2019 - 08:32

An Air Force plane crashed this Wednesday in Antarctica after hitting a mound of snow when it landed on Ross Island.

The incident occurred 54 kilometers from the Marambio base, and the nine crew members of the Twin Otter license plate T-82 were rescued by Chilean military.

A helicopter belonging to Chilean base President Frei went to Ross Island to assist them (one of them had minor injuries). The plane has a special preparation to operate in the snow and has a high visibility orange scheme.

Reportedly, this accident occurred at the time the ship was performing a routine practice on the area, taking advantage of the good weather.

After what happened, Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie posted a message of thanks on his Twitter account, dedicated to the "Chilean brothers of the Frei Base."

“Grateful to our Chilean brothers from Frei Base, in Antarctica, for attending our Air Force plane after a landing incident on Ross Island. The 9 crew members are already at the Marambio Base and will return to Buenos Aires for medical attention, ”said the official.

According to the Civil Aviation Accident Investigation Board, the plane suffered serious damage after hitting one of its skates against a snow mound.

In turn, the Argentine Air Force confirmed in a statement that a C-130 Hercules was sent to Antarctica with medical personnel specializing in air evacuation. In addition, inside it carries a Bell 212 helicopter and a team of mechanics, which would allow the plane to be fixed and taken to the Marambio base.