|25/10/19 12:38 PM

Mendoza Airport obtained an international certification

El Plumerillo airport received the Aerodrome Certification, in accordance with the Argentine Civil Aviation Regulations. Formally meets international standards, which helps Mendoza have more flights

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25 de octubre, 2019 - 12:38

The National Civil Aviation Administration delivered to the company Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 SA as a concessionaire of the Mendoza El Plumerillo International Airport, the Aerodrome Certification, according to the Argentine Civil Aviation Regulations (RAAC) and international rules and regulations established by the Aviation Organization International Civil (ICAO) for the design and operation of aerodromes worldwide.

For the occasion, the national civil aviation administrator Tomás Insausti traveled to Mendoza, who congratulated the local airport authorities: “For us it is a historical fact, since it is the first time in the Argentine Republic that an airfield is certified by the aeronautical authority to formally prove that it complies with all of our ANAC standards, and with all international standards. To certify an aerodrome is to cover it with a quality seal, it is to prove that it has a certain guarantee and status".

"Certifying implies that this aerodrome continually meets all safety requirements, it means that all aircraft arriving here have a standardized and uniform treatment. And it means that the professionals working here have the experience, capacity and training to give them an operation. front line to this airport. It is another element that helps Mendoza have more flights, "said Insausti.